Club Penguin Mission 11 Myth,Herbert (Bear) & Cave Expedition!


A guy named Monkeydude managed to come up with an awesome theory about the next Club Penguin mission(11). It’s very interesting, I have to tell you about it.

On January 26, Club Penguin Team posted on their blog. At the end of that post, Billybob said :”I can’t say too much about it, but you might want to check out the Night Club this Friday.” Billybob also said that we can only enter the new rooms (in the cave) until Thursday.

Maybe it sounds like Billybob just hinted that the night club could be closed off this Friday! Because Gary said : ”Club Penguin closed the night club and they are guarding it until they open it back.” I think there might be no night club on Friday.

No ones knows Now why we had the cave expedition.In this weeks Club Penguins Newspaper this following message was said:

“I’ve once heard some penguins talking about a golden puffle being buried there,but those might just be rumors.”

In the Cave expedition, a new golden puffle was found.This has something to do with Herbert…

Herbert is planning to steal the new golden puffle that was found in the cave expedition.Apparently Club Penguin is keeping a secret from us.I think the golden puffle could appear in the Night Club.Probably a new mission released soon.

-Madzhidov,the captain of JohnSenor100.


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