Night Club Upgrade & Speaker Pin


Hey Penguins! Have you check out the Nigh Club ? You should!If you go to the Night Club with a lot of penguins and it will turn into a disco party! If you go to an empty Nigh Club with only a few penguins in it, it will not turn into the disco party.

Normal Night Club:

30+ penguins in The Night Club:

+80 penguins in the Night Club:

Club Penguin’s newest pin is the Speaker Pin located at the Puffle Shop:



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2 Responses to “Night Club Upgrade & Speaker Pin”

  1. fastjordan Says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you’d like to come to my Club Penguin Mini Party : Nightclub Dance Off! Check for more details!

    It is going to be so much fun! We will be hanging out in the Nightclub and a little of the Dance Lounge to cool ofF our dancing moves! I will be featuring playercards on the site – this time, I’m featuring everybody who stays from beginning to end, entering people into an entry bucket to win some codes, telling jokes, dancing and more! This is one exclusive mini-party you SO don’t want to miss out on

    I will be giving card-jitsu codes, membership and coin codes to 5 VIPS! Make sure you attend to be entered to win!

    Hope YOU can come!

  2. fiddlers elbow Says:

    Incest, earthy motion with legal progenitors members; noticeably seen in The Sagara

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