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New Club Penguin EPF Sneak Peek!

June 7, 2010

The Elite Penguin Force Command Room is nearly complete and the Club Penguin Team wants to thank everyone! There will be a new room coming out this Thursday or Friday.

Check this out:

Starting from the next week we are going to assignments every week. We are going to have mini-missions every week! Amazing, eh? Comment and let us know what you think!


Club Penguin: Calling EPF “Penguins Around the World”

June 7, 2010

Club Penguin is seeing a lot of busy agents all around the island and Club Penguin Team has a mission for you to take a Secret Agent Theme Photo with your favorite penguin/puffle and sent it to the Penguins Around the World.

Billybob told us to keep our eyes on The Series 5 Pet Puffles and the new 2nd series Plush Puffle Clip Ons which are going to be in the stores very soon! Comment and let us know about what you like and what you don’t like about the Club Penguin Toys!

Club Penguin Membership New page

February 5, 2010

Hey Penguins!!It’s me Madz.My membership expired today so I was browsing around Club Penguin’s Membership Page .Club Penguin had few changes on the membership page!

Well,it looks pretty cool,do not you think so!Comment.Click here to see it .It shows new arriving events for February.

New Pet Furniture For Your “Puffles” !

New Clothing Styles To Show Your A Puffle Fan!

A Puffle Show – Starring Your Puffles!

A Surprise A Puffle Fans Need To See To Believe!


New Club Penguin Reviewed by you!

January 21, 2010

Club Penguin has a new post on their community blog it’s a new reviewed by you! Club Penguin asked you about the favorite way to help out construction workers.

Their favorite comment was Iceiceices and here what he said:

My favorite job is bringing pizza and other refreshments around to workers! I really like it because it is really good excersise and i love the look on all the penguin’s faces when they eat my pizzas, it’s a great sence of accomplishment! Waddle on CP!

-Madzhidov,the caption of JohnSenor100

Club Penguin Robots from Elite Penguin Force (Mission 13)

December 21, 2009

Those robots that I am going to show you , they are the same as the Mission 13 in Elite Penguin Force Game!!! Something will come to ”Club Penguin”! But what? For a new mission.

First Robot located at the ”Ski Village”.

The second Robot is located at the ”Dojo Courtyard”.

The last one is located at the ”Ski Hill”.


The first Robot is at the Dojo Courtyard.